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                Welcome: Foshan Puhe Pump Co., Ltd
                Language: Chinese ∷  English

                CUSTOMER CASE

                Comprehensive System Assistance, Six-star Support System

                OUR ADVANTAGE

                Comprehensive Function Upgrade

                Brand promotion of the whole network to help terminal marketing

                Brand promotion of the whole network to help terminal

                Cooperate with major Internet platforms to promote nationwide linkage marketing.

                365 day service, rain or shine

                365 day service, rain or shine

                Powerful after-sales service system, online all year round, perfect answer to after-sales customer sales series of quest

                Opening support, one-to-one guidance

                Opening support, one-to-one guidance

                Terminal store opening support, free store matching, image design.

                Team guarantee to relieve worries

                Team guarantee to relieve worries

                Strong production team, R & D team, marketing team, strength guarantee

                OUR COMPANY

                Create Super Talent Training

                ABOUT US

                We have been transforming the ideas and visions projects.

                Foshan Puhe Pump Co., Ltd. mainly produces variable frequency water supply equipment, no negative pressure water supply equipment

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                LATEST NEWS

                Approach everyone who pursues fashion

                Summary of the stainless steel water tank and its characteristic analysis

                Summary of the stainless steel wat

                After the glass tank stainless steel cistern is a new generation of water storage tool, its product adopts full stainless steel seiko spy, a

                The rise in oil prices stimulate exploration, oil drilling equipment

                The rise in oil prices stimulate e

                China series of industrial policies implemented, receive the positive response of waterproofing enterprises, waterproofing industry adjust t

                OUR PARTNERS

                Mutual benefit and common development

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